Yes this is a joke,
but we’re very serious about it

You’re on our site so you must be a smart human. Therefore you know this is a joke.

But just in case anyone is confused or thinks we’re defrauding people – let’s be very clear that this is not our intention. Our first membership pack has been thoughtfully designed and we’re quite chuffed with it. And we’re also serious about the grant (see below).

The idea for this Society came about because astrology really annoys us. And until some future time when we can use quantum nanotechnology to erase our star signs, this will have to do. If you feel the same as us, this tongue-in-cheek membership might be for you (or someone you know).

From time to time, we might put up new free downloads on our Gumroad page. One day we also plan to offer some nice merch.

But for now, we’d love you to join us and become an eminent member of one of the world’s most logical societies – sit back, relax and let us formally rescind your star sign! 😉


Our Society may be a bit of a joke, but we’re keen to offer a little support to someone doing real science with stars and planets. After the end of each financial year (30 June), we will donate at least 25% of all profits from our membership fee (and any merch we sell in the future) to a scientific grant.

Update: 4 July 2021. We’re pleased to report our inaugural donation has gone to the ANU Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics Innovation Fund. It’s not enough to buy a new Hubble, but we hope this small contribution helps them do the cool things they do. And we’ll aim for more next year.

Privacy policy

Because we’re regular folks just like you, we promise not to do things that would make you feel as if you shouldn’t have trusted us.

If you make a purchase through Gumroad or Etsy, they process your data. So if you’re concerned about this sort of thing – which you should be – you should also check out the Gumroad and Etsy privacy policies. We cannot see your payment information.

We’ll be able to see your contact details so we can post your member pack to you. We’ll never sell them, buy an enormous electronic billboard in Times Square to display them, or do anything else with them.

After you’ve made a purchase, you might get alerts from Gumroad or Etsy. You can always switch these off.

We have no reason to email you after you’ve received your product. There’s no mailing list. If you want to keep up with what we’re doing, follow us on Twitter or Instagram.

In Gumroad, we’ve turned off the optional third-party analytics services (Google and Facebook).

We aren’t tracking you. We don’t care what you do or where you’re doing it. That’d be creepy.

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