We are the world’s independent scientific society dedicated to the promotion of logical thinking around celestial phenomena.

About us – what is astronology?

Astronology is a system of logic that assumes celestial objects have no influence on human affairs or terrestrial events.

We reject the tradition of assigning a star/zodiac sign to all humans at birth without their permission. We don’t think that it’s ‘just a bit of fun’. We deplore that astrology, a practice built on untruths and quackery, is supported by many media outlets.

Our goals include:

Membership – become a
star-sign-free human!

Do you get annoyed by the pseudoscience of astrology and horoscopes? Join us and we’ll formally rescind your star sign.

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To request your member pack, send us a DM on Twitter or Instagram with your name and address.

You will receive:

So next time someone says “Hey baby, what’s your sign?”, you can reply confidently “I don’t have one!”.


adjective; /ˌæs.trəˈ.no.lɒdʒ.ɪ.kəl/

Of, or relating to, astronology. Enormously logical.